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Shawn Sitar

Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Research biologist//Science Officer
Lake Superior
Presentation abstract: Conventional biological data collection and processing involves numerous steps, is time consuming, and is error prone. We developed the Voice Data Recording System (VDRS) in 2009 for use on our Lake Superior fisheries research vessel. The VDRS eliminated multiple steps in the data collection process by integrating voice recognition software with a normalized, relational database to capture data onto a portable computer making our research vessel paperless for over 10 years. The VDRS eliminates writing or keypunching and minimizes data proofing. We have further modified the VDRS from ship-mounted to be portable for application in smaller fisheries surveys in small boats and also for monitoring commercial fish landings at processing facilities with one technician. The VDRS has saved an average of over 300 staff hours annually at our station and has substantially reduced errors. Further, the VDRS is effective in varying environmental field conditions and has broad application to many field, laboratory, and hatchery data collection settings in fisheries and other disciplines.